• Turbo-charge your innovation powers through tools that are scientifically proven to work.


  • Innovation doesn't need to be this hard...

  • So why are so many smart people and organisations struggling?

    While most leaders agree that innovation is a critical ingredient for success, the question of “how to innovate” tends to be harder to go about answering and actioning. Many challenges stand in the way of having an effective approach to innovation such as:

    • Innovation is deemed to be risky - and your organisation has a low tolerance for risk
    • You have lots of ideas, but lack the confidence to determine which have merit and are worth pursuing
    • Your organisation implements lots of ideas, but unfortunately they are sometimes ones that the customer doesn’t care about
    • Employees either don’t know how to, or forget to put the customer at the centre of their work
    • There are so many innovation methodologies out there, and it’s hard to know which one to choose.

  • The science of innovation - made practical

    At Inventium, we have been delivering face-to-face innovation training for the last nine years to organisations such as Google, Commonwealth Bank, LEGO, Coca-Cola, Virgin Australia, and many others. We have helped hundreds of organisations:

    • De-risk innovation through our science-based methodologies
    • Put the customer at the heart of innovation
    • Generate breakthrough and disruptive ideas at all levels of the organisation.

    To date, our help has been limited to those who could afford to fly us to wherever in the world they were based for face-to-face support.

    Now we’re on a mission to make our practical, science-based tools more accessible than ever. We've broken down the four walls of a traditional training room, bringing our tools more available to anyone with a need or desire to be a better innovator.

    We are taking the best and most effective tools - supplemented by insights and data we’ve gathered throughout the years - and presenting them in an immersive and dynamic online learning environment to enable results.

    We’ve also gone ahead and stripped away the most annoying parts of our training - the logistical complexity in having all training participants be free on the same day, the cost of flying facilitators or training participants to a central venue, and the limited availability that our Inventiologists have to deliver this training.


  • What you'll learn

    Participants in our program will come away with many skills...

    Identifying customer-driven opportunities

    What you'll be able to do by the end of Module 1

    • Describe what innovation means - in practical terms 
    • Understand what a best-practice innovation process looks like
    • Conduct exploratory customer research to identify where the richest opportunities lie
    • Identify profitable growth opportunities that are customer-driven
    • Make effective decisions around which opportunities to pursue 
    • Create clear and motivating challenges for people to solve

    Generating breakthrough solutions

    What you'll be able to do by the end of Module 2

    • Generate breakthrough solutions to growth opportunities
    • Optimise group behaviour in generating ideas 
    • Increase productivity and output of meetings/workshops where creative thinking is required 
    • Confidently facilitate an innovation/ideation session or brainstorm at any time
    • Increase the quality of solutions that you generate for challenges and opportunities 

    De-risk innovation through experimentation

    What you'll be able to do by the end of Module 3

    • Apply scientific method to de-risk innovation
    • Set hypotheses that allow you to test key assumptions
    • Design experiments that will test customer behaviour, not just intent
    • Create minimum viable products in order to cost-effectively test ideas 
    • Accurately assess whether you are improving an idea, and how to iterate it
    • Have an alternate method to business case development for assessing which ideas to invest in
  • What you'll get

    Our online program will immerse you in the world of innovation

    Forty mini-lessons

    Access 40 videos featuring Inventium's Founder, Dr Amantha Imber, personally taking you through all of the content.

    Office Hours

    Ask our team of innovation experts any question you like during our weekly online "office hours" chat.

    Downloadable tools and templates

    Our downloadable tools and templates to make it super easy to apply all your great learnings.


    Access the same practical, science-based tools from Inventium’s Customer Driven Innovation Program for a fraction of the price of our face-to-face trainings. The full course is only $1000 per person.


    Undergo assessments to support your learning and check your understanding of all key concepts and tools.


    You will receive a formal certificate upon completion, recognising your shiny new innovation skills.


    Complete each module at a time that works for you. You'll have 60 days to complete the course.

    Geographically flexible

    Complete each module from the comfort of your own desk or anywhere with an internet connection.

    Potential to make it your own

    Options exist to customise the course with videos and content that will showcase your people, your industry, your opportunities. Additional costs apply - contact us below for more information

  • What do others have to say about our program?

    Inventium's tools and techniques have received accolades from all corners of the world...


    “Inventium has delivered excellent results for Coca-Cola Amatil. I have rarely seen a set of creative tools permeate an organisation so quickly due to their clear logic and simplicity.”
    National Innovation Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil

    “The training has been a huge success and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The team are now customer-driven in their innovation thinking and able to adopt a Lean Startup methodology for prototyping innovations. We now want to roll out the training across the organisation as it has opened us up to a completely new way of thinking.”
    General Manager Digital Products & Partners, GE Capital

    “Having been at Canon, in various countries, over the last decade or so, I’ve been to many courses, workshops, training days etc. I can honestly say, without hyperbole, that Inventium’s program was one of the most inspiring programs I’ve attended. The passion and enthusiasm Inventium has for their subject shows through. I found a deep, personal connection to the tangible tools that were demonstrated.”
    Category Manager, Canon Australia

    “One of the best training programs I have ever attended where I can utilise everything learnt immediately back on the job, and see instant results.”
    National Sales Capability Manager, Kimberly-Clark

    “Excellent! Very inspiring and motivating, yet also practical and outcome focused and very digestible for my staff.”
    General Manager, Marketing and Communications, AustralianSuper

    “I thought it was brilliant. One of the best programs undertaken and well and truly the most useful.”
    Communications Manager, Ikon

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